Palmetto State Armory's New 'Hope and Change' AR-15 Lowers

Even the President uses proper eye and ear pro at the range.

Palmetto State Armory, manufacturer of inexpensive yet quality AR-15 components and rifles, is rolling out a new lower for this election year. “Hope and Change” is what this receiver espouses, with Hope being safe and Change being fire. “In Celebration of our dear leader’s historic presidency, we are proud to announce the pre-sale of a very limited edition commemorative lower.

Even though this multi-caliber-stamped lower costs a little more than Palmetto’s standard AR receivers, and most similarly-built lowers in general—they are priced at $120—we have little doubt that they’ll have any go unsold. The safety select is genius, and not the end to all the President-themed markings.NOBO12 Lower

The serial numbers on these receivers all read “YES WE CAN 00000” and the magazine well includes a modified Obama campaign logo to include a crescent moon. They are pre-ordering now with lowers expected to ship mid-August.

These “NOBO12” lowers are forged from 7075 T6 aluminum and hard black-anodized to mil-spec. Palmetto is currently running a sale on a handful of complete upper assemblies and does sell rifle parts kits as well. If you were thinking now’s the time to get an AR-15 for either a rifle or pistol, this may be the lower for you.

Still we think there is space for some competition. There are plenty of Obama supporters that are pro-gun—we know you’re out there—and some of the anti-Obama sentiment is not likely to appeal to that demographic. Also, it’s up to you to decide if the crescent moon is a reference to Islam and is in poor taste or a laugh riot.

2012 Presidential Candidates

A lower slathered with Obama references is going to be a hit with supporters and dissenters alike, and a specifically anti-Obama part could limit their market share. But we also think there’s room for more. How about a Romney-themed lower? There’s no shortage of Mitt material to draw from.

And what about a Gary Johnson lower? Actually, we’re not sure if a Libertarian receiver would be legal to sell, as it would probably have no markings on it whatsoever as a principle of ideology. Plus there are tons of other politicians to lampoon. Isn’t a Carolyn McCarthy lower well overdue?

Photo credit Reuters/the Atlantic Wire and Washington & Jefferson College.

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