Delaware and Ohio law enforcement select SIG516 carbines and SBRs for duty

SIG Sauer’s piston-driven SIG516 rifle is getting more and more popular every day, and not just on the commercial market, but with law enforcement as well. Now departments in Delaware and Ohio are switching to the SIG516 in both carbine and SBR (short-barreled rifle) versions. 

The Delaware State Patrol Special Operations Response team—SORT not SWAT—will be equipping themselves with SIG516 Patrol rifles. These select officers, about 40 in all, are tasked with high-risk police work, such as setting up road blocks and barricades, respond to hostage situations, escort high-profile VIPs and deal with generally bad situations. 
SIG516 Patrol
Tom Jankiewicz, Director of Operations, Law Enforcement, Government and Military Sales said, “With the wide selection of AR-platform rifles on the market, we feel the SIG516 stands out for its superior design and operating system. We’re honored the Delaware State Police SORT felt the same way.”

These rifles will compliment their sidearms nicely, which are P229s chambered in .357 SIG. It’s safe to say there are uniformed SIG fans in Delaware. 

Also in Ohio Cincinnati Special Weapons and Training officers—SWAT not SORT—have selected the SIG516 CQB to replace their 9mm submachine guns. Even with its 10-inch barrel, the SIG516 CQB, chambered in 5.56 NATO, has all-around superior ballistics than any sub-gun, and the Cincinnati SWAT wanted something that handles well up-close but can reach out and touch someone if need be. 
SIG516 CQB 10-inch
“Cincinnati SWAT officers never know what their next call out may be, from barricaded suspects to hostage standoffs to close-quarter entries,” Jankiewicz continued. “With the selection of the SIG516 CQB, these officers are prepared for any action at any range.”

The SIG516 is a young gun, having only been in production for about two years, and only becoming widely available last year. Just the same it’s established a foothold on the market. Based on the AR-15, a thoroghly-proven design, it discards the direct impingement system in favor of SIG’s own short-stroke piston design. The piston uses a multi-position gas regulator, with settings for standard use, wide open for functioning while filthy, and more closed off for running suppressed.  

It’s currently available in four carbine and two SBR versions. The Patrol is the standard carbine. It comes with a Magpul magazine, stock and pistol grip, and SIG’s own carbine-length quad rail. The Patrol is all black, while SIG also makes flat dark earth and olive drab green models. They also make the SIG516 Russian which is chambered in 7.62x39mm.  The two models of SBR are configured identically to the Patrol but come with 7.5- or 10-inch barrels. 

SIG also makes a similar rifle, the SIG716, chambered in 7.62 NATO if the Russian cartridge isn’t .30 caliber enough for you.  

It’s not too surprising that the SIG516 is making an entry into the law enforcement market, particularly the elite and paramilitary-type departments. Does knowing that these rifles are being used by SORT and SWAT make you more inclined to want one?

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