Houston Armory's new H300IC integrally-suppressed 300 BLK upper (VIDEO)

Houston Armory makes a crazy-quiet 300 AAC Blackout rifle called the H300IC. Correction, short-barreled rifle. Their SBR is built around an integrally-suppressed handguard, basically a can with attached quad rails. The result is an incredibly compact and quiet rifle that runs supersonic ammo almost as quiet as sub. And now they’re selling the upper separately.

The core of the H300IC is a 4-inch single-piece machined baffle that mounts to the end of the 8-inch match grade barrel inside the handguard. The baffle is designed to redirect gas backwards into the rear of the hanguard into an expansion chamber, basically a space between the barrel and the handguard.
H300IC Upper
To keep the barrel cool, everything behind the raised low-profile gas block is deeply spiral-fluted, basically turning it into a heatsink. The gas in the expansion chamber is still cooler than the chamber and barrel closest to it, so passing the muzzle gas back over the barrel is enough to help keep things within the safe operating range. 

And of course the barrel, gas block and gas tube are all stainless steel to help keep the fouling down. The receiver is machined from billet aluminum, 7075 T6 type III hard-anodized and the handguard is made from 6061 aircraft aluminum that is also type III hard-anodized. 

The final product measures in at just 19.75 inches for the upper, weighing just 4.07 pounds. It can be fairly simply disassembled for cleaning, and comes with a BCM Gunfigters charging handle, Magpul AFG, three Tango Down panels for gripping, rail protectors for the rest, and your choice of nitrided or nickel-boron finished bolt carriers. Here you can see it in action:

If you didn’t catch it, the sound pressure levels for Remington 220-grain subsonic ammo measured in at an average 133.6 decibels and for 125-grain match-grade supersonic ammo, 134.1 decibels.

This integrally-suppressed billet upper is not inexpensive. For the upper by itself, the price is $2,150. If you’re interested in getting one or just want to see all the details, check out the product page. If you don’t have two large and change for an upper, all hope is not lost, as they also offer the same integrally-suppressed handguard and barrel system with a forged upper receiver for a little less, $1,875. Check out the forged upper here. It’s basically identical but built on a standard, not machined billet upper receiver. 
If you have the money for it, you may want to just get the complete SBR. The total job runs $2,850 and features a Seekins lower receiver, a Geissele SSA trigger and your choice of Fat or Thin Ergo grip and Magpul CTR or STR buttstock. 

In truth, any of these options will not fail to impress. You can’t go wrong. 

For all other news Houston Armory, check out their website and their Facebook page.

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