Troy announces ultra compact PDW AR-15

Troy's New M7A1 combines subgun size with carbine power. Photo Credit: James Grant

Troy’s  M7A1: subgun size and carbine power. (Photo by James Grant)

Troy Arms has their newest entry in for the tactical market, the M7A1. It’s a short-barreled AR-15 pattern personal defense weapon that utilizes a proprietary recoil buffer. This essentially removes the buffer tube from the AR design and with the tube reduced, the M4-style stock is no longer ideal, especially when space is premium. As a solution, Troy developed a collapsable stock similar to the Heckler & Koch MP5.

The M7A1 features two steel rods that run parallel to the receiver and collapse into a package that extends only a few inches from the charging handle. The abridged buffer tube that the Troy system employs has a pressure switch that allows the stock to be unlocked with the firing hand’s thumb.

The truncated buffer tube allows the rifle to be as compact as a piston-driven rifle without the associated shortcomings. Since the rifle will continue to utilize direct impingement it will still maintain excellent balance and inherent accuracy of that platform.

The only potential downside is that you’ll have to buy Troy’s bolt carrier and buffer setup, but the remainder of your AR-15 parts are 100 percent compatible with the new rifle.

The majority of these guns feature NFA length barrels, however, Troy is also releasing a 14-inch model with a fixed 2-inch flash suppressor for users that live in states that prohibit sales of SBRs. All models shown seem ideal for use within the confines of a vehicle or structure where maneuverability can mean the difference between life and death.

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