Crye Precision premieres its underslung revolving shotgun, the Six12

Six shooter scatter gun, the Six12 Photo Credit: James Grant

Six shooter scatter gun, the Six12. (Photo by James Grant)

The M-16 is no stranger to underslung shotguns. Marines and soldiers alike have been hooking 12-gauge Masterkeys underneath M-16s for years.

The Masterkey system, an underslung pump-action Remington 870 with a short barrel and no stock, requires the user to remove his or her firing hand from the M-16 and place it on the magazine. This makes transitioning very tricky, especially when the shotgun needs to be racked between every shot. Also, the 870 Masterkey system is limited to only three rounds. The new Six12 underslung shotgun holds six rounds of ammo and can be manipulated with one hand, thanks to the double action revolving cylinder design.

The Six12 can be fitted underneath the barrel of any railed weapon platform Photo Credit: James Grant

The Six12 can be fitted underneath the barrel of any railed weapon platform. (Photo by James Grant)

Crye Precision also offers the Six12 in a stand-alone model with an 18-inch barrel, which is excellent for users who want a more modern version of the 1980’s Street Sweeper combat shotgun. Think of the Six12 as a 12-gauge Taurus Judge where empty cylinders are quickly removed and replaced like magazines. The cylinder’s body is made of a high density synthetic material while the chambers are built from steel. The stand-alone model features 8-inches of Picatinny rail for mounting optics or iron sights. The Six12 is a lighter, more compact alternative to the Masterkey system and comes in any color you like, so long as that color is black.

Neither an MSRP nor a release date were stated.

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