'The Left and the Right' matched 1911s: a Cabot Guns work of political art

Political Directions - Left and Right Handed 1911's by Cabot Guns

Cabot Guns is making a statement with their special edition paired 1911s. These guns are almost more art than 1911, and would be if they weren’t such superbly-made pistols. The pistol set is named “The Left and the Right,” and it’s not hard to see why.

“As the guns are positioned in opposite directions, the grips show President Barack Obama facing to the left while President George W. Bush faces right,” said Cabot Guns president Rob Bianchin. “While oriented towards one another, the right-hand pistol depicts Ted Nugent and the left-hand gun depicts Piers Morgan, representing the great ongoing debate in 2013.”

Pairing the two most recent Presidents with pro-gun and anti-gun celebrities makes an unambiguous statement. “Cabot Guns treads the line between firearms and art. The medium of our art is our guns,” added Bianchin.

The company had the guns on display at SHOT Show earlier this month, which was attended by Nugent, who commented that the pistols are “ballistic art.”

“Each Cabot represents the work of over 70 of America’s finest engineers, tool makers and master craftsmen,” said Bianchin. “Our objective is to build an important and enduring American brand,demonstrating how the finest products in the world are built right here in America.”

The all-steel pistols sport a mirror polish that can be measured on the micron scale. Cabot employs manufacturing technology more common to the aerospace industry than gun manufacturing to build their extremely-precise firearms. Cabot has some of the highest standards in the world of firearms.

So when it came to the artfully-engraved grips they sought out the best.

“The art of scrimshaw— engraving on bone or ivory — dates back to the 1700s,” said Bianchin. “And the detail in Darrel Morris’ scrimshaw work is just fantastic.”

“Scrimshaw works are created by punching tens of thousands of tiny holes in the surface of the ivory and filling them with black oil paint,” explained Morris. “This technique takes hours and hours of meticulous labor, but it makes it possible to achieve very delicate gradations of tone resulting in incredibly lifelike images.”

Cabot is a specialist in making true left-handed 1911s, although they probably didn’t have this in mind when they started.

The Cabot left and right pistol sets are true mirror images of each other, grips notwithstanding. The left-handed pistol is machined from solid billet steel, not a built on a converted right-handed frame. Everything has been reversed from the ejection port to the control. Even the rifling in the barrel has been reversed.

Currently the set is not for sale, although if they ever do go up for auction, you can be sure they’ll start high.

Cabot guns start around $4,000 for the entry-level models and the South Paw, their standard reversed 1911, is priced right at $5,750. Matched pairs of left- and right-handed pistols start off at $16,000, with custom sets pushing $20,000.

For additional information about Cabot Guns and their top-end 1911s check out their website. For more about scrimshaw artist Darrel Morris head over to his online portfolio

For more photos of these incredible 1911s, scroll down.

President Barack Obama on Left Handed 1911 by Cabot - Part of Set

Piers Morgan on Left Handed 1911 by Cabot - Part of Set

Piers Morgan and Ted Nugent Face off on Cabot Guns

Mirror Image Left and Right Handed Custom 1911 Pistols by Cabot Guns

Ballistic Art by Cabot Guns

Ted Nugent on Right Handed 1911 by Cabot

President's Obama and Bush on The Left and The Right - Mirror Image Pistol Set

President George W. Bush on Right Handed 1911 by Cabot - Part of Set

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