SCCY CPX-2 budget concealed-carry pistol torture test (VIDEO)

SCCY (pronounced “sky”) CPX pistols are really building a solid reputation for performance exceeding their budget status. Although some have been picky about ammo, that’s not an uncommon issue with pistols with barrels this short.

The CPX-1 and -2 are simple double-action-only pistols with smooth triggers and good sights. The barrel and slide are machined from bar stock and the polymer grip is built around a 7075-T6 alloy subframe, making it a tight and precision-fit pistol.

The model designation indicates whether or not the gun has a manual safety. Although the gun is DAO it is available with a thumb safety.

The MSRP on these surprisingly tough little guns is just $299 for the base model with real-world prices even lower than that. CPX pistols are available with black or pink grips and matte black or satin stainless slides.

You can find all the details about these guns on the SCCY website. We’re looking forward to future torture tests by the Moss Pawn crew.

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