A perfect pair of prototype Glocks (2 PHOTOS)

glock 82 prototype

This is one of the first-ever Glock pistols in existence, possibly even the first with the serial number AA-000. Even before the Glock 17 there was the Glock 82. For 1982. It was found in a copy of “Small Arms of the World” by Edward Clinton Ezell and then shared by Redditor MythicArmory.

glock 17 factory thumb safety

What may be even more mind-blowing is this factory Model 17 with a thumb safety. The Austrian Army was not sold on the idea of a service pistol without a manual safety so Glock put this together for early testing. It would be interesting to know how different the current gun world would be if they had selected this gun for service instead of the Glock that’s become the leader in service pistol designs.

Weirder still is using museum gloves to handle a Glock. That’s just hard to wrap your head around.

This comes to us thanks to none other than Forgotten Weapons.

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