Batch of Taurus Curve pistols recalled for lack of caliber engraving

04/3/15 8:20 AM | by

You'll know if your Taurus Curve is affected because it will be missing ".380 AUTO" on the barrel. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

You’ll know if your Taurus Curve is affected because it will be missing “.380 AUTO” on the barrel. (Photo: Jacki Billings)

Taurus USA issued a recall of a recent batch of the new Taurus Curve, a pistol with a rounded center for easy concealment, for a missing engraving on the barrel.

“We recently discovered that a batch of the new Curve pistols left our facility without the caliber (.380 Auto) prominently displayed,” Taurus says in the notice, adding, “There are no quality or safety issues with these firearms and the marking error has been corrected.”

Otherwise there are no function or immediate safety issues, the company says. Taurus requests that the firearms be returned to the factory so they can be properly updated. Per federal regulations, a firearm must be stamped or engraved with the proper caliber in addition to other markings.

“We are currently producing and shipping Curves to meet the significant demand,” Taurus says, explaining the overlook.

In recent times, gun makers have tried to meet immediate consumer demand, so instead of introducing a firearm and then gauge consumer demand, larger companies will gauge consumer demand first, build and inventory and then release the product.

The issue is limited to the some of the first shipments that left the factory, Taurus said. To tell if your model is affected, the barrel will literally be missing “.380 AUTO.”

If you’re gun is affected, you can get it fixed free of charge and Taurus will actually give you a hat or a T-shirt for your understanding and patience.

To fix your Taurus Curve, contact Taurus customer service line at  1-800-327-3776. For more information, check out the Taurus website.

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