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eagle imports range program

The Range Program will equip ranges with select Eagle products like their new Grand Power pistols, left, popular Bersa pistols, middle, and range-ready Metro Arms pistols, right. (Photo: Eagle)

Eagle Imports has put together a new promo for gun range owners, the Range Program. The Range Program will let gun ranges check out firearms from select Eagle brands and, well, shoot the hell out of them.

The strategy is to take some of best-known as well as emerging brands and put them in the spotlight nation-wide. The Range Program is launching with three Eagle brands: Bersa, Metro Arms and Grand Power, and participating ranges may receive three to six guns to evaluate on a semi-annual basis.

These guns will be theirs to use for “safety training, firearms familiarization and recreational shooting.” This way new shooters, experienced shooters — potential customers — will have the chance to try out some of Eagle’s popular and established products as well as their newest releases as they roll out.


The BP CC series is chambered for .380 ACP, 9mm Luger and .40 S&W. (Photo: Eagle)

The first product family to be a part of the Range Program is Bersa. Bersa pistols are one of Eagle’s most popular brands and for a good reason. The pistols are reliable, affordable and practical. Their service pistols and concealed-carry pistols including their famous Thunder series and their new, totally modern single-stack, polymer-framed striker-fired BP CC series.

Bersa is frequently listed as a go-to brand for anyone looking for a dead-nuts reliable concealed-carry pistol on a budget. It doesn’t hurt that they also Bersa also makes a complete line of full-size and concealable service pistols.

Next up there’s Grand Power, Eagle’s newest brand. Grand Power is very well-known across Europe for their service pistols for self-defense and competition but they’ve been waiting in the sidelines as far as the U.S. market was concerned, until now. Previously imported in fits and starts Eagle is devoted to the company and their excellent and unconventional handguns.

Grand Power pistols employ a patented low-recoil rotating barrel locking system that eliminates the muzzle flip associated with tilting locking barrels. They’re hammer-fired guns with fully-ambidextrous controls and modular grip frames with interchangeable grip shells to fit different hand sizes.

The third brand in program is Metro Arms, a 1911 specialist. Metro Arms makes contemporary 1911s with single- and double-stack frames. Most of their 1911s skew toward target shooting and competition pistols but they also make compact bobcut 1911s for concealed-carry.

If you’ve got a gun range and want to get in on the Eagle Range Program you can email them directly or call (732) 493-0333 for more information.

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