Hardcore Russian amateur biathlon event you have to see to believe (VIDEO)

From the land of the frozen steppes comes this chronicle of a hardy (and perhaps vodka-fueled) biathlon competitor who has to undergo hazards you just don’t see in the Olympics.

The clip comes from a videographer simply named Nikita somewhere in the expanse of the World’s largest country. It’s billed as a championship shoot off between the reigning world champion and current contender– although just one is apparently present.

Which one really doesn’t matter.

Of course, in Russian biathlon shooting, you have to watch out for open holes in the ice, random combloc recyclables, and tree limbs. What you don’t have to bring are skis, competition rifles, or basic range safety rules. Just remember kids, vodka and firearms don’t mix.

No word on if the event was sanctioned by the International Biathlon Union.

We’re going with a maybe.

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