Christopher Lee and the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (VIDEO)

Nick over at Ranger Up weighs in on the recent death of man among men, British actor and warrior poet Christopher Lee, and some of the bad asses he hung out with in WWII.

In July 1940, Great Britain was on the ropes and stood alone against the might of Hitler and Mussolini in Europe. With the entry of the Soviet Union and the U.S. still more than a year down the line, Winston Churchill came up with a plan for a number of commando units to pull off hit and run attacks in occupied Europe to help keep the Axis off balance.

These guys trained to go in hard and fast and leave bodies, confusion and smoking ruins behind them by the time the enemy got around to sending in reinforcements.

It was all rather, well, ungentlemanly. But hey, as noted by Nick above as he makes an Old Fashioned, sometimes you have to take the gloves off.


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