A walk on the messy side with a Mosin Obrez named Stumpy (VIDEO)

Down in Georgia it must get boring as IV888 of the Moss Pawn gang dusts off “Stumpy,” an old-chopped down Mosin and unleashes some 7.62x54R fireballs on random sugary objects.

The Obrez is a short barreled rifle conversion commonly seen on Mosin-Nagant M91 series bolt-action rifles.

Why in the world would you do this? Well, its actually kinda historical and thousands of noncollectable Nuggets are out there– so why not?

The word obrez roughly translates into “cut down” in Russian, with the term often used in connotation of pruning a tree or in the act of circumcision. As the name would imply, it is a sawn off product that originally was much longer.

One drawback of the design is the fact that the 7.62x54R round in a shorty barrel (Eric’s is 10.5 inches) has a lot of unburnt propellant that ignites at the muzzle creating a fireball that looks like an incoming meteor.

But then again, that’s most of the fun.

Nevertheless, they promise some long range accuracy tests with Stumpy, so watch this space.

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