Federal Premium's new .30-30 Win. Vital-Shok Trophy Copper

federal premium trophy copper 30-30

Federal Premium is announcing the latest Vital-Shok Trophy Copper load in .30-30 Winchester for game all across North America and around the world. A dedicated hunting round, the all-copper design is guaranteed to retain weight while providing deep penetration and sufficient expansion with medium-sized game.

The loads are tipped with a polymer insert that assists in expansion and prevents the hollow cavity from getting clogged with debris. In testing the bullets retain 99 percent of their weight after expanding, losing the polymer tip and not much else.

federal premium trophy copper 30-30 (2)Although it’s got a hollow cavity with the polymer insert the bullet retains the profile of a soft point or jacketed round to ensure reliable loading and feeding in all traditional .30-30 rifles. Additionally the bullet has a grooved shank for improved accuracy and every case is nickel-plated to aid in extraction and prevent corrosion.

Loaded to hit 2,300 feet per second the 150-grain bullet matches conventional soft points in terms of energy, has similar ballistics out to 300 yard and makes a solid 1,762 foot-pounds of force at the muzzle. The alloy used for the bullet, combined with the shape of the bullet tip, is designed to expand reliably at all ranges.

Detailed ballistics info for the .30-30 Trophy Copper load are available from Federal Premium. Federal sells it in 20-round boxes with a suggested price of $37 per box, which is similar to other premium hunting cartridges. As always, real-world prices tend to be less.

The ammo is currently in distributor hands and will be widely available soon if not already.

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