This guy will never be an astronaut (VIDEO)

A Russian news anchor went for a ride in a 1960s jet trainer and took a series of spontaneous naps when the warbird grabbed a few Gs.

The two minute clip is in Russian but the plane, whose tail numbers show it to be a registered civilian jet in the land of Putin, is a former military Aero L-29 Delfín. The Delfin (NATO reporting name: Maya), was the standard subsonic jet trainer behind the Iron Curtain during the coldest days of the Cold War.

Still, powered by a Motorlet M-701C 500 turbojet that cranks up about 2,000-pounds of thrust on a plane that weighs just 7,000; it is pretty zippy and can still bring it in the airborne acrobatics department.

As our unlucky passenger found out.

Hey, not everyone can be an astronaut, err, cosmonaut.

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