Clocking in with a real SVD Dragunov rifle (VIDEO)

With a 1972 born on date, this Izzy-marked Soviet-era sniper rifle is a true SVD and still works like a clock as Robski and the AKOU crew found out.

Not a clone or a Tiger model, the Dragunova has seen better days but the scratches and wear just add enough character to bring out the borscht in the stock varnish.

Designed back in the 1960s by Izhevsk-based master armorer Yevgeny Dragunov, who had cut his teeth on crafting the original Soviet Olympic biathlon rifles, the SVD replaced the remaining accurized and scoped Mosin 91/30 in Warsaw Pact service at the squad level as a designated marksman rifle and remains in limited service as such around the world as any recent images from the Ukraine will testify.

And as Rob demonstrates, it still puts 7.62x54R to steel at decent ranges when needed.

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