Dude Perfect tries some truly epic trick shots (VIDEO)


Best known for making impossible dunks from distance, the Dude Perfect gang proves remarkably adept at weapons manipulation as well.

Sure, we’ve seen lots of trick shots, but some of these are really kinda next level. They have two target/one shot bullet splits (with a KRISS Vector .45), kicking targets out of drones, some pretty sweet slo-mo clays shooting, the obligatory fruit assassinations (what a M1A does to a watermelon is tragic), upside down shots, long range marksmanship, selfie shots using a smartphone instead of a mirror, ectera, ectera, exserta.

They even tag in a weather balloon. Dafuq.

And of course, as its Dude Perfect, they broke out the B-balls for some trick baskets as well.

You have to admit, the bullwhip was impressive.

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