Actor James Woods: 'I just joined the NRA. I don't even own a rifle, but...'

The veteran actor, known for his conservative views, just told the twitter-verse exactly why he felt the need to join the gun rights group.

“I just joined the @NRA,” posted the actor on social media this week. “I don’t even own a rifle, but I’m just sick to death of #Obama’s gleeful degradation of constitutional sanctity”

With over 175 acting credits listed dating back to the Nixon administration, the award-winning and Oscar-nominated actor is often outspoken on his twitter account on conservative issues. At first backing Carly Fiorina for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination, he switched support to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas last month.

Woods’ tweet brought nearly 5,000 re-tweets and a welcome from political commentator Dana Loesch.

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