16 pounds of German efficiency: The H&K PSG1 (VIDEO)

Alex C with TFB TV takes an up-close look at the $10K Teutonic semi-auto Heckler and Koch sniper rifle system of yesteryear.

Brought on the market by HK after the failure of West German sharpshooters to end the 1972 Munich Olympics attack in a surgical way, the Präzisionsschützengewehr (“precision shooting rifle”) 1 is often said to be the most accurate semi-auto in the world (for its time/out to 600m) when introduced.

Mated with a custom-matched Hensoldt ZF 6x42mm optic and featuring a heavy barrel with polygonal rifling and adjustable stock, the big German was easy on the eyes but not on the back, tipping the scales at over 16 pounds.

However, as the TFB gang shows (and Solid Snake agrees), it was one sweet 7.62x51mm rifle and came with a 1 MOA (or smaller) guarantee.

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