Kalamazoo police release video of mass shooting suspect arrest (VIDEO) 

Authorities in Michigan released dash camera footage Monday of officers arresting an Uber driver suspected of killing six people and injuring two others last month.

Pulled over on the side of the road, suspect Jason Dalton complied with officers’ orders and put his hands where they could see them. It was about 12:39 a.m. on Feb. 21 when two officers with the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office cautiously approached the dark-colored Chevy crossover SUV, one from the rear and the other at his flank.

As two other officers walk into view, the arresting officer pulls an object — reportedly a pistol — from the suspect’s pocket and holds it up. One of the officers on the passenger side of the car looks up and shines his flashlight on the object as the arresting officer places it on the roof of the car.

Officers also reportedly found a ripped piece of cardboard, likely a card “associated with a shooting range,” an arresting officer told local media.

Dalton — who was allegedly wearing a bullet-proof vest he said belonged to his son — was removed from the vehicle and escorted away by two of the officers, hands behind his back, as a fifth officer walks into view and toward the suspect’s vehicle. The remaining three officers then commenced with a search of the vehicle as two additional police cruisers can be seen driving into the camera frame toward a nearby intersection.

Shortly after the Feb. 20 shootings, Dalton told investigators the Uber app on his phone, which the driver would use to pick up fares, took him over “like artificial intelligence that can tap into you body,” according to a police document, Detroit’s WDIV-TV reported.

“Dalton explained to us that when the app changed from red to black that is when he started having problems,” according to the arresting officer’s report.

Dalton reportedly told police that had the app turned to black, he would have engaged the police with his pistol.

During a series of interviews, Dalton reportedly described a “devil figure” in the Uber app and said he “wishes he would never have spoken what that symbol was when he saw it on his phone.”

“He said it starts out that you have to follow the navigation, but it gets to the point where you don’t have to drive at all, the car just goes. He was seeing himself from outside of his body,” according to the report.

Dalton reportedly talked about how his grandmother and grandfather were in the Eastern Star and Masons organizations, respectively.

The shootings once again brought to the forefront the issue of gun control. The father of one of the victims wounded in the shooting posed a question to the Democratic presidential candidates during a debate in Flint last week, asking what they would do to prevent similar future attacks.

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