ATI runs their semi-auto MP40 9mm pistol on the range (VIDEO)

American Tactical Imports has been teasing over the past few months with a replica of the German MP-40 SMG in 9mm configured as legal a 9mm pistol and dropped footage this week to back it up.

The video posted Wednesday just shows a few rounds being popped off and, like most heavy pistols (Draco, M92 PAP, etc), the utility looks pretty limited, especially for long range shots, though recoil seems super manageable. However, ATI does advise that a 922(r) compliant folding stock accessory option is in the works for those who want to SBR their guns, which could boost popularity.

Nonetheless the gun will likely be popular for man caves and reenactors as even non-gun display pieces run well over $200.

MSRP on the ATI MP40 is $649 and they expect to start shipping before the end of the year.

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