Taking a man-packed Minigun for a stroll (VIDEO)

Richard and the FullMag crew ain’t got time to bleed but they do have a few minutes to lay hot hands on a 7.62mm handheld Minigun and see what it can do against body armor.

The DeGrote Tactical pack takes the good old GAU-2B/A six-barrel rotary buzzsaw and adds a powersource and enough 7.62x51mm NATO in a backpack to give you one heck of a (short) blast.

As 100 rounds of standard NATO M118 ammo weighs just over 6-pounds, and the M134 series guns have a rate of fire that starts at 2,000 rounds per minute, it’s not likely Richard could pack more than a few seconds worth of brass even at the max.

Still, it’s cool, in a Predator kinda way.

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