You know 4 gauge shotguns, yeah? (VIDEO)

A throwback to the days of punt guns and market hunting, Ashley Hlebinsky with the Cody Museum shows off an almost comically huge shotgun in their collection.

For the record, 4-gauge guns typically had a bore of 1.326 inches/caliber (that’s 34mm) and the average shell could pack about 8-ounces of lead shot. Legendary explorer and big game hunter Frederick Courteney Selous– the basis for the fictional Allan Quatermain– carried a 4-gauge.

Speaking of Quartermain, the gun Hlebinsky has is a 19.5-pound English-made Winchester Wildfowler made for Thomas Gray Bennett, a well known waterfowler who just happened to be the son-in-law of Oliver Winchester and the company’s president from 1890-1910.

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