T/C Compass joins Thompson/Center Arms family

T/C Compass Rifle

The T/C Compass rifle (Photo: Thompson/Center Arms)

The T/C Compass, a new bolt-action offered in a variety of calibers, joined the Thompson/Center Arms line of rifles earlier this week.

Now shipping to FFLs, the Compass comes fully loaded with features designed to give this hunting rifle the one up.

Featuring a lightweight, ergonomic design the 7-pound rifle comes with textured grip panels and a rubberized recoil pad on the stock. Made to accommodate optics, the rifle is pre-drilled and tapped for scope mounting. The three-lug lift bolt also provides plenty of scope clearance.

The free-floated barrel includes 5R rifling aimed at giving shooters better accuracy on the range. 5R stands out over conventional rifling as the added lands opposite the grooves prevents projectile deformation. This ultimately increases accuracy and has the added benefit of making the barrel easier to clean. In addition, the muzzle is threaded and readily accepts compatible compensators, muzzle brakes and suppressors.

The Compass’ trigger is a crisp, adjustable stage trigger that can be configured between 3.5 pound and 5 pound pull weights. With a light trigger, safety is imperative and the Compass measures up adding a three-position safety with bolt lock. The safety gives positive tactile feel, unobstructed visibility and easy access for quick on and off.

The rifle comes with a detachable, five round standard caliber capacity or a four round magnum caliber capacity magazine that fits flush with the stock.

Danielle Sanville, Brand Manager for Thompson/Center Arms said the company’s intent was to marry quality with affordability in this rifle.

“The new T/C Compass rifle was developed with premium features to deliver a highly-capable bolt-action rifle that can match any budget. The rifles are shipping now, giving consumers plenty of time to mount optics and bring them to the range for sighting in before this year’s hunting season,” said Sanville in a statement.

The American-made Compass fits neatly into that affordable category with a MSRP of $399.

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