Long range accuracy with a handgun (VIDEO)

“A lot of people think that a 100 yard shot with a handgun is impossible,” says Rod Ryan, president and CEO of Storm Mountain. “It’s actually not impossible. It’s actually quite doable. But you have to apply all of the fundamentals of marksmanship 100% of the time: sight alignment, sight picture, breathing, trigger control, follow through and of course re-setting the trigger to prep for the next shot. Everything we do has to be perfect for these longer shots.”

Mr. Ryan spent more than 20 years combined, active and reserve, in the U.S. military as well as law enforcement. In 1996, he opened Storm Mountain near Keyser, West Virginia. It has grown into a world-renowned training facility for military, law enforcement, counter-terrorism personnel and civilians. It offers comprehensive firearms courses on a regular basis from a highly experienced staff. On-site lodging is available.

I recently took a firearms course there and learned more in three days than all year shooting and watching videos by myself. I asked him if I could film a few of the exercises we practiced and he enthusiastically agreed.

This is the ninth of a series of helpful videos that will be featured on Guns.com in the coming weeks. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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