Oath Keepers outline legal ways to fight martial law


Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes (top left) and Navy Jack (bottom left) talk Monday night during their webinar on martial law. (Photo: YouTube)

Citing concerns over Election Day unrest, the militia group known as the Oath Keepers held a webinar Monday night outlining what people can do to legally fight a martial law scenario in America.

Led by Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and “Navy Jack,” the three and a half hour training featured special guest Dr. Edwin Vieira, a Harvard graduate and lawyer, and the man behind “By Tyranny Out of Necessity: The Bastardy of Martial Law.”

Before diving into martial law, Rhodes celebrated a judge’s decision Monday that said there’s no proof Oath Keepers in New Jersey were planning to intimidate voters on Election Day. Democrats fought to prevent the Oath Keepers from monitoring polls, an effort the group is pushing nationwide. But the judge denied the request from the Democratic committee, saying the Oath Keepers are encouraging membership to monitor polls incognito.

“The judge asked a pretty fair question: How are they intimidating anybody if no one even knows they’re there?” said Rhodes, who said the left keeps playing the race card. “If we don’t agree with them lockstep, then we must be racist.”

“It’s kinda sad that I have to trot out my Hispanic heritage and we have to trot out our black Oath Keepers to prove that we’re not racist. It shouldn’t matter what color we are,” said Rhodes. “We’re Americans.”

Rhodes outlined the history of martial law, including a Supreme Court case from the Civil War. In Ex parte Milligan, the Court opined that “civil liberty … and martial law cannot endure together … in the conflict, one or the other must perish.” Ultimately, the decision found it’s unconstitutional to try civilians in military tribunals when civilian courts are available, since that would mean a suspension of habeas corpus.

Rhodes moved from Constitutional case law to what to do if people don’t think the winner of Tuesday’s election is legitimate.

“What happens if Hillary is indicted, what are the possibilities, whether she … let’s say she wins the election, or is at least declared the winner tomorrow, and people don’t think it’s legitimate, what are the recourses that are available for a correction?” Rhodes asked Vieira.

“Well she will have hanging over her head, and over her husband’s head, and over the Clinton Foundation … the specter of criminal charges of one kind or another,” said Vieira. “It is fairly clear that the House could conduct significant hearings on impeachment and keep that whole matter boiling.”

On Monday, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said there would be an immediate push to impeach Clinton if she wins Tuesday.

“You can imagine the circus that that will be,” said Vieira.

“Look at what we’re facing right now — Hillary claws her way into the chair. She’s sitting there. We see her as illegitimate,” said Rhodes. “I think we should just declare her illegitimate.”

“And you go to your state legislature and do all you can to get them to make the declaration, like Madison and Jefferson did. They showed us the proper course. It’s nullification, it’s the state legislature stepping up and intervening. Then if they won’t then it goes down to the next level, it’s your county,” Rhodes said.

From there it’s your town, he said, and if they won’t do it “we’re back to the Declaration of Independence, the people themselves have to do it ad hoc with whatever mechanism we can.”

“As far as I’m concerned, any declaration of martial law is a declaration of war on the American people by a corrupt cabal, and you have no choice but to fight,” said Rhodes, who went on to say he hopes Clinton is defeated in a fair election.

“I think that might give us some breathing room to fix this stuff in a more methodical way. But other than that, I think we’re in a crisis,” he said. “That’s why we’re having this conversation.”

Navy Jack will be live tweeting about the election all night Tuesday. He’ll be watching out for “major election issues, polling problems, etc.”

Last week, the Oath Keepers held a three hour webinar that taught survival tips in the event of post election unrest.

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