John Lott: It's too late for gun control


John R. Lott is an economist and gun rights advocate. He says with all the guns in the country, it’s too late for gun control to work. (Photo: Handout)

Gun rights advocate Dr. John R. Lott, the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, says it’s too late for gun control to work.

With 300 million guns in the country and 12 million entering the market each year, he argues it would be nearly impossible to get rid of them.

“Getting rid of these weapons would require a door-to-door campaign by law enforcement officials, and even that would be of only limited effectiveness,” Lott said. “It’s also not clear that it would help.”

Lott argued that in other countries like England, Wales and Ireland, where handguns were banned, they saw an increase in the murder rate as a result.

Plugging his new book “The War on Guns,” Lott challenged gun control policies like gun free zones and background checks, which he argued that an overwhelming majority of checks that caught prohibited buyers were dropped.

Read the full piece published by the Dallas Morning News.

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