Director says Sandy Hook Promise stole his short film for their PSA (VIDEOS)

Sandy Hook Promise’s “Evan” video has been a hit as far as gun control videos go, however a Texas film director says large parts of it were copied from his 2011 short.

The video, part of Sandy Hook Promise’s “Know the Signs” campaign, follows a high school boy named Evan as he exchanges notes with a mysterious pen pal on a library desk. As Evan finally comes face to face with what turns out to be a love interest, the interaction is cut short by a school shooter who, it turns out, was lurking behind the youth in many scenes in an analogy to missing the warning signs of potential gun violence.

“Evan” debuted Dec. 2 and has over 5 million views.

Enter Albert Gonzalez, a Houston-based video director who specializes in making music videos– with over 60 in circulation. In 2011, Gonzalez made a 7-minute film for his final directing project in his my short media class at The Art Institute of Houston based on personal experiences entitled “The Desk.”

A love story in which a young boy exchanges notes with a mysterious pen pal on a desk top, it has received nearly 2 million views since it was posted online.

“This week I was sent an advertisement online that showcases what seems to me a direct copy of my 2011 short film ‘The Desk,'” notes Gonzalez on social media. “I was not asked to borrow or given consent to the reproduction of my story and some scenes seem to be stolen shot by shot from my film. Watch the video and see for yourself.”

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