Going long with a Romanian PSL marksman rifle (VIDEOS)

Eric with IV8888 breaks out the SVD-ish Cugir-made designated marksman rifle in 7.62x54R and goes for the steel out to 600 yards with surplus ball ammo.

While often mistaken for as a variant of Yevgeny Dragunov’s SVD, the PSL is actually derived from Papa Kalashnikov’s RPK light machine gun, sans full-auto capability, but it does favor the classic designated marksman rifle.

Using the standard PSOP Warsaw Pact optic and some Bulgarian Circle 10 ball ammo, this 1998-vintage DMR is about as Eastern European and it gets and, with some correction, makes the hits at long range with no problem.

Curious about other Dragunov doppelgangers? Check out Ian’s visitation below with a range of Russian and Chinese SVDs.

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