Game over: Shooting a Colonial Marine M-41A pulse rifle (VIDEOS)

With the GAME OVER drop, had to do an M-41A for #fullautofriday with a replica from Lage Manufacturing; a combo submachinegun in 9mm and short barreled 12 gauge shotgun. The submachinegun component is a NFA registered SWD M-11/9 with an Anthony Smith style Suomi upper receiver. Magazine used is a Suomi "Coffin" magazine that holds 50 rounds of 9mm. Ammo capacity, 50 rounds 9mm & 3 rounds 12 gauge, 2-3/4" shells. That round counter also makes this an excellent replica, no shortcuts on this build!The original M-41A Pulse Rifles used in ALIENS were constructed from M1A1 Thompson submachine guns that were fitted with a cut-down Remington 870 shotgun with the heat shield and foregrip off of a Franchi SPAS-12.

Posted by BLK RFL DIV on Friday, June 2, 2017

The good folks over at BLK RFL DIV got their hands on a select-fire replica of the service rifle used by Colonial Marines in Aliens and let it rip.

While no endoparasitoid extraterrestrials (Xenomorphs to the nerds out there) were present, the build from Lage Manufacturing (Max-11) looks like it is extremely fun to run and, short of nuking something from space, would be on the short list of weapons to take to a rumble with sketchy AF aliens.

The gun uses an NFA registered SWD M11/9 that accepts 50-round coffin mags from the old Finnish Suomi SMG, and rocks a shorty 12-gauge underneath.  The whole set up weighs 14 pounds — but has a working red LED round counter.

As noted by the always-handy Internet Movie Firearms Database, the M41As used in the classic sci-fi flick were originally going to be based on 9mm HK MP5A3s but Aliens director James Cameron wanted a bigger flash so they went with .45ACP Tommy Guns and blended a Remington 870 with parts from a Franchi SPAS-12 to make the iconic weapon.


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