Have you heard of the Hi-Point .40 cal by chance? (VIDEO)

Matt down at Demolition Ranch got a “crazy cheap” Hi-Point Zamak special and proceeded to test it out in traditional Demolition Ranch style.

He stacks it rather unrealistically next to an FN 5.7 and other polymer framed guns and admits he is biased from the start, so if you are a Hi-Point/MKS fanboy, you have to suffer through to find out that, at some point, Matt warms to the gun as it just relentlessly chews through .40S&W.

Then comes the abuse including dragging it behind a truck, hurling it into a flesh-eating bacteria-filled (maybe) body of brackish water, smoothing out the finish by running it over, all to find that it just won’t die.

And then the gloves come off, so be sure you check out the last few minutes.

Interesting video no matter where you stand on the Hi-Point argument.

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