Air Armor Tech unveils inflatable gun cases to protect firearms

(Photo: Air Armor Tech)

The inflatable gun case comes in two sizes to accommodate larger and mid-size guns. (Photo: Air Armor Tech)

Air Armor Tech offers an updated take on the traditional gun case, introducing inflatable gun cases designed to protect guns from bumps, drops and damage with air.

The company says the idea is similar to that of an airbag in a car, utilizing pressurized air to fill a bag and protects occupants. Instead of protecting people, though, the Air Armor Tech gun case shields shotguns, rifles and scopes from damage.

According to the company, each case uses a premium, high-performance air bladder that is designed to “encapsulate your firearm in a firm blanket of interconnected air chambers that work together to absorb shock energy from bumps and drops that often occur during transportation of a firearm.”

(Photo: Air Armor Tech)

An inflatable air bladder acts as an air bag for the contents of the bag, protecting them from drops and bumps. (Photo: Air Armor Tech)

The air bladder inflates and deflates quickly with an easily accessible hide-away port. Deflation collapses the bag down to 15 percent of its original size, offering an 85 percent space savings. The exterior, made from a lightweight 1,000 Denier urethane-coated material, allows gun owners to roll up the gun case into a tight and compact roll that can easily be stowed.

Bonus features include YKK water-resistant zippers, accessory pouches and MOLLE attachment straps.

Air Armor Tech offers its gun case in two sizes — long gun and mid-length. The long gun case holds multiple firearms up to 52 inches in overall length while the mid-length carries guns up to 42 inches long.

The long gun case retails for $549 while the mid-length is slightly cheaper, coming in at $499.

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