Curious about what 5.56 mags are good-to-go in the Marines? (VIDEO)

The 2nd Marine Division’s Gunner continues his informative video series by slicing through the chaff of magazines currently out there to find the wheat.

CW5 Christian P. Wade in the above video tackles what is approved and what it not when it comes to mags for 5.56mm weapons (M4, M27, M16A4 etc.) as part of the 2nd Marine Division’s regular “Ask the Gunner” segment. Sure, the list is just applicable to 2nd Division Marines, and is driven by mags being able to use M855A1 and work across a number of sometimes finicky platforms, but the info is interesting to all who AR.

Out? 20 round mags, off-brand mags, legacy GI mags, coffin quad stacks.

In? GI mags with green, tan, or blue followers (though the latter are for training only) and the Gen M3 windowed polymer PMAG.

Testing? The 40 round polymer and Magpul D60. Ahhhh yes.

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