Melting down a budget AR-15 build for science (VIDEO)

Eric with IV8888 steps into their latest series of meltdown tests by tapping in an entry-level upper from Palmetto State Armory to see if it go the distance.

The channel has done three upper-level uppers (POF, LMT etc), but this test goes to vouch for what a basic vanilla DGI upper with a government-profile 16.5-inch barrel can hold up to in continuous fire when mated to a select-fire lower.

In past tests, AR uppers have tanked in as little as 800 rounds, so how will the PSA do when it gets to chattering on a diet of 5.56mm?

The pencil barrel gets pretty hot early on and the GI hand guard, in turn, runs smoke and flame until it melts the gas tube.

But it still goes over 400 rounds in sustained fire.

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