Going the distance with a 12 ga perimeter tripwire device (VIDEO)

The shotgun professors at Taofledermaus got their hands on a Fith Ops perimeter trip alarm device, meant to bang 12-gauge blanks, and gave it some in-depth testing.

Fith Ops, who makes a #209 primer alarm in addition to the one used by the Tao gang, markets the very simple alarm consisting of a block with zip-tie and screw mounts, a firing pin with a cotter pin safety lock out, and a breech that holds the base of a 12 gauge hull.

Meant to fire blank rounds to sook bears and other potentially dangerous camp intruders, Tao screwed the device down to a block of wood and loads it with a live round in the above video to show what happens when a shotgun shell explodes outside of gun — such as in a hangfire.

It’s pretty dramatic, but not really that dangerous since there is no barrel to channel the shot and build up velocity. They also talk about the legality of the bad idea of using one of these devices as a booby trap before going into some more testing on the alarm with various loads in the below.

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