A look back at Ruger's blocky yet reliable P90 (VIDEO)

Eric with IV8888 spends some time with a classic semi-auto whose basic design dates back to the Reagan-era.

Using investment-cast parts with mostly stainless internals, the P90 and its de-cocker-equipped P90D brother were first advertised in 1990– hence the designation– but were spin offs of the 1980’s 9mm P85 series just scaled up to eat .45ACP.

They were Ruger’s first .45 semi-auto and, despite their proprietary single-stack mag and blocky ergonomics, were popular enough to remain in production until 2010 when they were replaced by the current SR-series pistols.

“I think these guns are exceptionally well-made and they sometimes get a bad wrap for no reason,” says Eric.

Plus you can generally pick them up for about $300, which is  always nice.

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