DeSantis unveils new Criss-Cross cross draw holster

The Criss-Cross is set-up for a cross draw carry. (Photo: DeSantis)

The Criss-Cross is set-up for a cross draw carry. (Photo: DeSantis)

Holster maker DeSantis continues to add to its ever-growing line of carry options, adding the new Criss-Cross to its holster lineup.

The Criss-Cross is constructed from premium American cowhide, molded for micro handguns. The cross draw style holster currently offers fits for the following handguns: Colt Mustang Pony; Kimber Micro Carry .380, Micro 9mm;Glock 42, 43; Sig Sauer P238, P238 Equinox, P938; Ruger LCP II; and Smith & Wesson .380, M&P Bodyguard with integrated Crimson Trace laser.

Fitted with adjustable tensioning devices, the holster’s retention can be fine-tuned to user preference. The Criss-Cross belt slots accommodate belts up to 1 1/2-inches wide.

DeSantis says the new holster is designed to offer more versatility for wearers.

“The new DeSantis Criss-Cross is not your father’s cross-draw! Wear it while you’re driving or walking around town. You can deploy your firearm instantly from this well-concealed platform,” the company said in a press release.

The Criss-Cross is currently available from DeSantis with a MSRP of $53.99.

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