Arsenal Firearms USA rebranding to become Archon Firearms

(Photo: Archon Firearms)

Arsenal Firearms USA re-brands itself and is now known as Archon Firearms. (Photo: Archon Firearms)

To circumvent a potential trademark dispute, Nevada based gun maker Arsenal Firearms USA announced it will re-brand itself, announcing a new name — Archon Firearms.

Archon Firearms (pronounced arK ahn) said the company will continue manufacturing its Stryk B handgun but that the soon to be released pistol will also adopt a new name, the Archon Firearms Type B. Archon Firearms CEO Adrian Chavez said the company understands the re-branding might seem confusing to customers, but, in order to get the new pistol in consumers’ hands, the re-brand was necessary.

“Although we are confident in our legal right to the previous name, we’ve chosen to re-brand to avoid a potentially lengthy delay in the launch of our Type B pistol,” Chavez said in a statement.

He went on to explain that due to ATF requirements, the renaming forces Archon to manufacture all new slides with updated markings. Archon is now eyeing a late spring launch for the Type B pistol.

“We apologize for the frustration this may cause some of the tens of thousands of customers who have placed pre-orders through their dealers,” Chavez said. “We wouldn’t exist without their patronage and we are doing everything we can to expedite the process. Type B samples have been in final field validation for a month now with a select group of firearms trainers and competitors, and based on their unanimously positive feedback, we are confident the wait will be worth the inconvenience.”

In addition to the new name, Archon will also see an updated website launching soon.

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