Mark Serbu's got two new guns available soon (VIDEO)

Mark Serbu of Serbu Firearms Inc. has two new guns available soon. He had them on display at his table at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas.

Neither gun is entirely new, but modified and improved. The first is the GB-22. It’s a homemade four-piece .22 rimfire single-shot handgun that has been evolving over the years. Until recently Serbu sold the plans to the gun for $12 so that anyone could build it at home. After a bit more testing, he will soon manufacture the GB-22 out of quality parts and sell it for around $100.

Responding to almost certain criticism as to why anyone would want to buy a single-shot .22 pistol, Serbu said: “There’s something fun about getting back to your basics of just plinking. It’s just a great, great plinking gun.”

Serbu’s also offering a non-NFA version of his Super Shorty 12-gauge shotgun. He added a side folding SB tactical brace bringing it’s total length just over 26 inches. There’s an aggressive screw-on breacher that can be bought and added to the barrel. The shotgun holds 3+1 rounds. Pricing during SHOT Show is $750.

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