This steel gun cage build-out video will really hold your attention (VIDEOS)

Rough Cut Creations crafted a wall mounted gun cage in their shop and, besides gathering some ideas for your own build, the soundtrack isn’t that bad either.

The cage looks simple in the time-lapse, covering just eight minutes between fabrication, fitting, welding and finishing with an overlay by Led Zeppelin, the Stones, Chemical Brothers, the Doors and Snoop Dog, among others. RCC says it’s an idea they have been kicking around for a while.

“It’s not very practical but it looks cool,” they say. “I didn’t put a lock on it to keep it clean looking, but it wouldn’t be hard. It’s also possible to lag bolt it to the wall through the back expanded metal and then put the peg board on (that way it’d be a lot tougher to rip off the wall.)”

If you dig it, RCC also made a secret gun compartment dresser a while back.

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