Sig Sauer announces new U.S.-made P210 Target is shipping (VIDEO)

The long-teased domestically produced version of Sig’s classic Swiss military service pistol is ready for the market and chock full of features.

Designed as the Swiss Army’s Pistole 49 just after WWII, the 210 has been a hot commodity in Europe for generations and has more recently been embraced on this side of the pond — though supply was far less than demand.

The new P210 Target, made here is the states, has made quiet appearances at trade shows for the past couple of years but Sig says the gun is now shipping. Best yet, the new offering has updated ergonomics via custom walnut grips and an adjustable lightweight target trigger while keeping the styling and tolerances of the M/49 intact.

(Photo: SIG)

(Photos: SIG)

Single action only with a 3.5-pound trigger pull, the 9mm runs a nice 7.7-inch sight radius in large part due to its five-inch barrel. The all-steel gun tips the scales at 36.9-ounces.

Shipping with two eight-round mags, the 210 Target has fully-adjustable sights. MSRP is $1,699, which may sound high if you are a stranger to 210s, but is a bargain compared to past offerings.

Sig Sauer announces new U.S.-made P210 Target is shipping (VIDEO) 4

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