Spike’s Tactical releases details on new gun created for LE

The Recluse is the latest firearm to hit Spike’s Tactical’s lineup. (Photo: Spike’s Tactical)

Florida based Spike’s Tactical offers details on its newest firearm to receive a U.S. patent, elaborating on the Recluse — an integrally suppressed, 9mm Armalite Rifle upper receiver.

The Recluse follows the trend of pistol-caliber carbines. The rifle boasts interchangeability with Glock and Colt 9mm magazines, which grants law enforcement officers the ability to use the same ammunition and mags in their rifle as in their sidearm.

“We’re very excited about receiving this patent,” Randy Myers, the inventor behind Spike’s Recluse, said in a press release. “This particular upper receiver will serve as a versatile tool, particularly for law enforcement and emergency service personnel.”

The Recluse uses either Glock or Colt 9mm mags. (Photo: Spike’s Tactical)

Though the Recluse was created with police in mind, Spike’s Tactical isn’t limiting the design to just law enforcement. The rifle is also available for civilian purchase.

The Recluse touts an integral, barrel-nut-mounted firearm sound suppressor with barrel nut and forward tube permanently paired together. This creates an extension, pushing the firearm’s length to greater than 16-inches. The tensioned barrel is supported by the suppressor which the company says improves accuracy and eliminates pesky baffle strikes. Spike’s added that the design means only one NFA tax stamp is needed to own the Recluse.

In addition to offering the complete set-up, Spike’s also offers the upper as a stand-alone. (Photo: Spike’s Tactical)

“The Recluse is a very special, efficient weapon,” Myers added. “By only requiring one NFA tax stamp and not requiring sub-sonic ammunition means money saved in the long run. This is one of the most unique pistol-caliber ARs on the market.”

The Recluse is available through Spike’s Tactical carrying a price tag of $2,230 for the complete rifle, $1,765 for the upper and $465 for the lower.

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