The basics of ammo reloading as told by Rosie (VIDEOS)

Sure, she’s British, but she loves reloading and is willing to delve into everything from case prep to load data and measures to seating depth.

Rosie Jones is the host of a series of shorts put out by Hornady and the Edgar Brothers, the latter a British firearms wholesaler, that covers her journey through the basics of reloading ammunition. As it is staffed with UK-based talent who give it a certain Dr. Who feel, it also gives a porthole into English gun culture.

If you dig the above intro, the next four episodes of the series are below. Of course, it’s full of a lot of subtle plugs for Hornady-supplied gear, but the basics are, as they say, are fundamental, and if it turns on a new generation to reloading then so much the better.

Either way, check them out before YouTube does.

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