HK brings back the .45ACP USC carbine in limited production (PHOTOS)

The polymer-framed USP has an ambi safety selector, paddle magazine release and side charging handle. (Photos: Chris Eger/

Heckler & Koch has their semi-auto version of the UMP sub gun returning to the market in small numbers and had the gun on display at the NRA Show in Dallas.

The polymer frame USC is a sporting rifle complete with a 16-inch barrel that uses a blowback operating system. Discontinued in 2013, Omaha Outdoors first reported in late April that HK was rebooting the line in limited production. The 6.13-pound rifle uses a skeletonized buttstock with a rubber cheek rest and recoil pad and has three forward hard points on the top and sides for optional Picatinny rails as well as an optic rail.

The gun was available at the Heckler’s booth in Dallas last week.

As Omaha notes, “There are plenty of companies out there that do conversions on USC guns. They convert them to SBRs and add side folding stocks. These conversions give you the closest UMP you can get without an FFL and a SOT.”

The gun ships with two 10-round magazines. MSRP will be $1,499.

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