Going cyclic with a full-auto AA-12 shotgun (VIDEO)

The rarely-seen Auto Assault-12 is a magazine-fed, gas-operated, open-bolt 12 gauge — and here are two shown in action.

Jonathan Babb, from Sienna Armory, describes the classic NFA shotgun designed in the 1970s by Maxwell Atchisson as an “overgrown UZI” in the above video with Larry Vickers. Babb brought out a Gen. 2 model with a 15.5-inch barrel equipped with an optic mounted on its integral Pic rail as well as a CQB model sans the plastic skin to show the stainless skeleton underneath. With a cyclic rate that starts in the 300 rounds per minute area and tops at closer to 700 with buckshot, these soft-recoiling scatter guns look like they are a blast to unload.

In short, if you own one of these the only way you buy shells is by the case.

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