The oh so sweet Ljungman AG-42B rifle (VIDEO)

The Swedish-made Automatgevär m/42 armed the Scandinavian neutral in WWII and the guns are really interesting in action, as well as highly collectible.

Swede Erik Eklund created the semi-auto direct gas impingement rifle with its adjustable gas system in sweet-shooting 6.55x55mm Mauser. It’s kinda big at 10.5-pounds unloaded and eats regular five-round stripper clips, but it’s a nice shooter as covered by Roy Hill in the above spot from Brownells. While Sweden fielded about 30,000 of these rifles during the war, Hill has a 1950s-modified “B” variant that he shows off.

These guns were scattered to the wind after they were replaced by a locally made version of the HK G3 in the 1960s, and Egypt bought up the machinery to make the very curious Hakim and Rasheed variants in 8mm Mauser and 7.62x39mm, respectively. Still, the classic Swede is well-loved and has appeared in collections around the world with one even surfacing in Australia last year–gratefully saved from scrapping by a local gun museum.

For more on how they perform, Eric with IV8888 takes one out to 600 yards below.

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