Hidden Hybrid Holsters meshes versatility with affordablity

Hidden Hybrid Holsters pairs kydex with suede for a hybrid take on holsters. (Photo: Hidden Hybrid Holsters)

Hidden Hybrid Holsters entered the scene in 2011 offering a hybrid approach to the holster conundrum. The company started as many small businesses do — the result of high prices and a feeling that the holster industry was missing something.

“Brian Rossow was looking for a quality holster for his every day carry. The holsters that he liked were in the $90 to $120 range but they did not have exactly what he liked,” Matt Hlava of Hidden Hybrid Holsters told Guns.com in an email. “He figured he could make a higher quality holster with all of his requirements for a better price.’

Rossow teamed up with childhood friend Dave Kerry in 2009 to being working out ideas for a new company that could provide quality rigs without breaking the bank. In 2011, the work payed off as Hidden Hybrid Holsters made its official debut as a holster maker. Rossow and Kerry poured over the details of their first design spending a year working out the kinks before eventually launching the company’s flagship holster — the Double Clip IWB/OWB.

The Double Clip’s versatile form eventually led the company down the path to more product ideas, all under the same umbrella of offering versatility and affordability to consumers.

Hidden Hybrid Holsters has expanded its product line past just holsters and into mag carriers. (Photo: Hidden Hybrid Holsters)

“We provide extra value and benefits in our large product line that others have overlooked. We add suede to the back of our products to give more comfort to the wearer for all day IWB carry. Some of our products are versatile in being either IWB or OWB products. They are all adjustable to meet the customers specific needs,” Hlava added. “We are providing our customers with the best products, the greatest value at the best price. We take pride in hand crafting great value at a lower cost.”

The company’s lineup is littered with an array of holsters, holding true to the hybrid format — a suede backing paired with a kydex shell. Though Hidden Hybrid’s inventory already boasts options for all manners of carry, that hasn’t stopped the company from designing. Hidden Hybrid Holsters’ future is filled with new ideas, according to the company.

In addition to now offering a 33-round mag carrier, the holster maker will soon launch new holsters to include models built with a RMR guard as well as a model with integrated spare magazine carrier. Hidden Hybrid Holsters also says consumers can expect to see a few other designs, currently in the works, to be released in the next year.

Though Hidden Hybrid Holsters continues to expand in both products and consumers, the company emphasized that its focus will always be on its loyal customers.

“Even though our company is growing we always want our customers to feel welcomed,” Hlava explained. “No matter how busy we may be with building holsters or working on prototypes, we take time with our customers in the store or on the phone to stay connected to them. Customer service is the favorite part of our days.”

Though the journey in holster making can often times be fraught with long, arduous days Hlava said its the customers that keeps the company focused.

“The most rewarding is hearing the appreciation and compliments that we receive from our customers. We get them every day which makes all the hard work worth it.”

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