Alien Gear Holsters adds Pocket Holster to ShapeShift series

Alien Gear Holsters introduces its take on the pocket holster design. (Photo: Alien Gear Holsters)

Alien Gear Holsters broadens its array of ShapeShift modules, introducing the new ShapeShift Pocket Holster.

Designed to give concealed carriers a slimmer, more comfortable carry option, the ShapeShift Pocket Holster uses a polymer design to reduce its profile. The holster’s design fully covers the trigger and offers adjustable passive retention.

The holster is part of the company’s ShapeShift system. (Photo: Alien Gear Holsters)

Capable of working with most pants pockets, the holster also can slip into handbags and backpacks. Setting itself apart, the Pocket Holster by Alien Gear utilizes a dual-purpose pocket hook that mounts the holster to the pocket, keeping it attached to the garment as the gun is drawn.

“The Shapeshift Pocket Holster may seem like a simple product,” Alien Gear Holsters’ mechanical engineer Taylor Vold said in a press release. “However, every detail and aspect has been considered to create an effective and safe holster.”

The 12th addition to the ShapeShift lineup, the Pocket Holster is compatible with other ShapeShift products. The holster can be purchased for $45.88 or as an expansion pack for existing ShapeShift users for $29.88.

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