Getting Greasy with the reliable but unsung M3 SMG (VIDEO)

The humble M3 was made for cheap but the Army got its money’s worth out of the design. Built as an inexpensive alternative to the really nice but over-engineered Thompson M1A1 during WWII, the compact M3 was unofficially labeled the “Grease Gun” by the troops due to its resemblance to that common shop tool.

The epitome of simplicity, everything on the old .45 burp gun was utilitarian such as the wire stock which also serves as a barrel removal tool, mag loader and cleaning jag. Quite a bargain for the $15 each that Uncle paid for them back in the day.

The gun was made in quantity with some 620,000 coming off the assembly lines in the last phase of the war. This was enough to not only replace the Thompson in U.S. service but also remain in use with Army tank crews through the Cold War.

Larry Vickers has takes the old warhorse out for a stroll in the above. You can almost hear an eagle screech in the distance.

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