Mossy Oak, Rykan Industries team up for custom Cerakote finishes

The Mossy Oak Bottomland Cerakote by Rykan adds a durable finish to firearms and accessories. (Photo: Rykan Industries)

Mossy Oak and Rykan Industries are collaborating to offer custom Cerakote finishes in Mossy Oak Bottomland, the companies announced Wednesday.

Rykan Industries brings it establish Certified Cerakote facility to the partnership while Mossy Oak serves up its Bottomland pattern. Rykan’s Cerakote coatings are highly durable and designed for application on a variety of surfaces such as metal, plastic and wood.

The company says the Cerakote process resists abrasions and corrosion as well as overall wear and tear on the firearm.

The Bottomland pattern offers a design that blends into multiple environments. (Photo: Rykan Industries)

“Cerakoting your firearm gives you the best of both worlds: an attractive appearance and a tougher exterior. Whether you’re a hard-core shooter or seasoned hunter there are numerous benefits to having your guns Cerakoted by Rykan Industries,“ Rykan said in a press release. “From shipping to the actual application of Cerakote, Rykan Industries has taken steps to streamline the entire process for gun owners.”

Mossy Oak Bottomland is a popular option for hunters, originally launched 30 years ago. The pattern consists of dirt, leaves, bark and old moss constructed into elliptical shapes of Mississippi Red Oak Bark. The design aims to help hunters better blend into a variety of environments.

Rykan said pricing is dependent on gun and/or product. The company suggests interested consumers contact them for specific price quotes.

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